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Borsa Esercito Italiano?

Buongiorno di Berlino!

Unfortunately my Italian is ending here.


I am able to read Italian of course, (if not, I wouldn't have been able to check in here), but I am far away from writing Italian sentences in a sensible amount of time.
That's why I would like to ask you my question in English, assuming that most of you can understand it.

Although German myself, I regularly play around in the very nice internet forum Bushcraft USA. And one of the members there discovered an assumingly Italian army bag, that looks in the first view like a rucksack. But having a second view we understood that it surely isn't.

What kind of bag is that here?
Is it really Italian?
When was it used in the army for what?
And how is it called correctly?

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Yes is an italian army rucksack. The period is early 60', i suppose. In Italy there was the conscription until the 90' and there no operative use of the army until the Lebanon intervention in the 80'. This situation products poor military equipments. The soldiers normaly used the rucksack like a suitcase whwn they travel
Thank you for the information!

In the US Bushcraft forum we thought they would be horribly uncomfortable if used as a rucksack, because the shoulder straps aren't attached in the middle of the rucksack in the upper points. And so members did assume that these bags could be motorbike or bicycle bags or whatever.

Is it possible to carry them comfortably on the back if the straps are adjusted correctly?
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